Video Episodes

A feast for the eyes

Ep 1: Matt Preston and his DIY zipper

Matt Preston (audio only)

Ep 2: Donna Air and her barbecue tongs

Donna Air (audio only)

Ep 3: Michael Simkins and his sweating lion

Michael Simkins (audio only)

Ep 4: Daisy May Cooper and her shredded bin bags

Daisy May Cooper (audio only)

Ep 5: Dame Zandra Rhodes and her magical shawl

Dame Zandra Rhodes (audio only)

Ep 6: Anton Du Beke and his tailcoat trauma

Anton Du Beke (audio only)

Ep 7: Deborah Meaden and her hidden jodhpurs

Deborah Meaden (audio only)

Ep 8: Ashley Roberts and her swirling microphone

Ashley Roberts (audio only)

Ep 9: Steph McGovern and her gaffer tape dress

Steph McGovern (audio only)

Ep 10: Christopher Biggins and his teenage kaftan

Christopher Biggins (audio only)

Ep 11: Georgia Toffolo and her splitting sleeves

Georgia Toffolo (audio only)

Ep 12: Skin and her leather lido

Skin (audio only)

Ep 13: Jake Shears and his squidged ball (part 1)

Jake Shears (audio only)

Ep 13: Jake Shears and his squidged ball (part 2)

Jake Shears part 2 (audio only)

Ep 14: Katie Piper and her overnight frock

Katie Piper (audio only)