Thank You

Award-winners' acceptance speech (as yet unused)

My Wardrobe Malfunction is a real team effort. Without getting too teary, we’d like to thank our fabulous (and highly discerning) listeners, wonderful guests and all those brilliant

behind-the-scenes experts who help make our interviews happen.


We’d like to highlight the work of:

Dazzling ‘duo’ – AKA Will and Ben. Our house band and superstars in the making.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on their website.

Illustrious illustrator Andy, who designed our podcast artwork.

Find him here and follow him on Instagram.

Formidable photographer Drew, who took the shots of Susannah

(and at least one guest) for the show.


Virtuoso videographer Tom, who filmed some of the visual segments

you see on our social channels. 

Sizzling stylist Charlotte, who applied Susannah's make-up for the photo shoot.


Dynamic designers James and Nicola at Babbl who, as well as building websites,

do all sorts of other clever social things too. Find out what here.


The terrific team at Pixiu, who recorded and edited the first eight podcasts.

Check them out here.


Many thanks to all – we wouldn’t be where we are without you. Now can someone

kindly pass us a tissue.


Yours defectively and very gratefully,


Susannah and George

(Wardrobe Queen and Chief Wardrobe Handler)