Virtual Pyjama Party

Where we see you describe your clothing catastrophes

Ep 1: Nicola and the unwanted guest

Ep 3: Jo and the village shop mystery

Ep 5: Bianca and the podium pickle

Ep 7: Julie and the rubber dress

Ep 9: Rosanagh and the longest walk

Ep 11: Coral-Ann and the taxi shuffle

Ep 13: Marci and the sweltering sandals

Ep 15: Sally and the slippery bar stool

Ep 16: Theresa and the Strictly glitterballs 2

Ep 18: Emma and the Spandex express

Ep 2: Wilna and the dissolving knickers

Ep 4: Melanie and the fancy dress debacle

Ep 6: Henrie and the meeting slayer

Ep 8: Dynise and the glowing undies

Ep 10: Kimberly and the Disney tumble

Ep 12: Alice and the flying fillet

Ep 14: Sheralyn and the eternal celebration

Ep 16: Theresa and the Strictly glitterballs 1

Ep 17: Melissa and the barefoot trek

Ep 19: Callum and the quick change surprise