Podcast Pyjama Party

Where we hear you recall your sartorial slip-ups

Ep 1: Laurie and the exploding sink

Laurie told us about an incident many years ago in Scotland involving a farewell party,

a lechy man, a sink, her tights and a LOT of water.

As she rightly said: 'An American in the Highlands does leave quite a mark.'

Ep 2: Sheila and the funeral flash

Sheila's wardmal happened at her aunt's funeral when she knelt down for prayers and her heel caught in

the hem of her skirt. It's fair to say she made quite an impression on those in the rows behind her.

Said Sheila: 'I still redden with shame thinking of it. '

Ep 3: Sarah and the dinner drop-out

Sarah had an awkward experience during a meal when part of her bra broke, followed swiftly by the

under-arm zip of her dress. Thankfully she had a shawl to save her blushes.

The incident inspired her epic poem 'Last Night' - click here to read it.

Ep 4: Jayne and the Valentine's Day tumble

In a Valentine's Day special, Jayne recalled an unforgettable sequence of events at a Valentine's Ball.

Having gone commando in a slinky red dress, she tried to negotiate a staircase. And failed spectacularly.    

As she said of the guests: 'They got to know me as well as my gynaecologist.' 

Ep 5: Sarah and the stunned security guards

Another Sarah got in touch to tell us how giving blood on a hot day followed by a sneaky cigarette

caused her to faint in the work car park - leading to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.     

 'I went down like a sack of potatoes,' she said. Not once but twice.

Ep 6: Will and the amplified trousers split

We were joined in this special Pyjama Party by Will and Ben (AKA our house band 'duo') and Will

told us about an unfortunate breach of etiquette on the way to a fancy gig.    

 As he memorably said: 'My arse basically fell out the back of my trousers.'

Ep 7: Debbie and the hotel door horror

Debbie shared a blood-curdling moment on a Malaga work trip involving a late night loo visit, a clunking hotel door and an excruciating visit to reception - an experience which understandably caused palpitations.    

 On finally getting back to her room, she said: 'I just lay in my bed going hot and cold thinking about it.'

Ep 8: Emma and the Conservative Ball debacle

Emma got in touch to recall an unbearable but utterly captivating incident at a Conservative Party Ball

involving her London mayoral candidate husband, a loo visit, Spanx and a misplaced gusset hole...    

Said Emma: 'I sat there with my head in my hands and thought what am I going to do?'