Podcast Episodes

A treat for the ears

S1 Ep1: Michelle Visage and her Strictly secret...

S1 Ep3: Elizabeth Hurley and her stolen car

S1 Ep5: Trinny Woodall and her pink suit farce

S1 Ep7: Dame Kristin Scott Thomas and

her competitive corset 

S1 Ep2: Tan France and

his wedding day sacrifice


S1 Ep4: Nile Rodgers and

his priceless dog chains


S1 Ep6: Joe Sugg and

his supermarket ID check

S1 Ep8: Stacey Dooley and

her shivering skirt

The video episodes miraculously transformed into podcasts...

S2 Ep1: Matt Preston and his DIY zipper

S2 Ep3: Michael Simkins and his sweating lion

S2 Ep5: Dame Zandra Rhodes

and her magical shawl

S2 Ep7: Deborah Meaden

and her hidden jodhpurs

S3 Ep1: Steph McGovern and

her gaffer tape dress

S3 Ep3: Georgia Toffolo and

her splitting sleeves

S3 Ep5: Jake Shears and his squidged ball

S3 Ep7: Ruth Davidson

and her emergency panel

S4 Ep1: Reverend Richard Coles

and his flying chalice


S4 Ep3: Lulu and her missing upholstery

S4 Ep5: James McVey

and his sleeveless surrender

S4 Ep7: Dan Snow

and his Indiana Jones hat

S2 Ep2: Donna Air and her barbecue tongs

S2 Ep4: Daisy May Cooper

and her shredded bin bags

S2 Ep6: Anton Du Beke and his tail coat trauma

S2 Ep8: Ashley Roberts

and her swirling microphone

S3 Ep2: Christopher Biggins and

his teenage kaftan

S3 Ep4: Skin and her leather lido

S3 Ep6: Katie Piper and her overnight frock

S3 Ep8: Sarah Parish and her denim disaster

S4 Ep2: Nicola Benedetti and her sliding strap

S4 Ep4: Francesca Hayward

and her revealing Rhapsody

S4 Ep6: Andrea McLean

and her PVC palaver

S4 Ep8: Jess Gillam and her vegan DMs

Then back to podcasts again...

S5 Ep1: Alexandra Shulman

and her mirror horror

S5 Ep3: Nadine Coyle

and her robotic foil

S5 Ep5: Gail Porter

and her scratchy labels

S5 Ep7: William Boyd

and his fake picnic

S6 Ep1: Jane Seymour

and her arresting entrance

S6 Ep3: Dame Sheila Hancock

and her Salvation revelation

S6 Ep5: Edith Bowman

and her grandfather's gift

S6 Ep7: David Baddiel

and his Booker thighs

S7 Ep1: Dame Jacqueline Wilson

and her breakaway belt

S7 Ep3: Sunetra Sarker

and her pyjama drama

S7 Ep5: Sharleen Spiteri

and her sexy tractor - parts 1&2


S7 Ep7: Emma Barnett

and her beef stew

S8 Ep1: Mel Giedroyc

and her creepy comfort

S8 Ep3: Dannii Minogue

and her petite revolution

S8 Ep5: Matt Goss

and his Pigeon pads

S8 Ep7: Sir Mo Farah

and his golden pillowcase

BONUS EP: Charlie Hedges

and her twinkly tree

BONUS EP: Dita Von Teese

and her shed talks

S9 Ep1: Denise Welch

and her napkin nightmare

S9 Ep3: Netta Barzilai

and her Eurovision incision

S9 Ep5: Lewys & Isla

and their furry friends

S9 Ep7: Pattie Boyd

and her prairie predicament

S5 Ep2: Jeremy Vine

and his shirty inferno

S5 Ep4: CeeLo Green

and his matching luggage

S5 Ep6: Dr Ranj

and his stage surprise

S5 Ep8: Trinny Woodall

and her Christmas bauble

S6 Ep2: Kate Thornton

and her cheque mate

S6 Ep4: Jay Blades

and his repair shock - parts 1 & 2

S6 Ep6: Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

and her ministerial mishap - parts 1 & 2

S6 Ep8: Dame Esther Rantzen

and her garden frolics - parts 1 & 2

S7 E2: Dr Alex George

and his T-shirt tease

S7 Ep4: YolanDa Brown

and her phantom slippers

S7 Ep6: Tom Davies

and his starry vision - parts 1&2

S7 Ep8: Anya Hindmarch

and her Village people

S8 Ep2: Shirley Ballas

and her knicker shocker

S8 Ep4: Tova Leigh

and her vibrating drawer

S8 Ep6: Jenny Beavan

and her pleather racket

S8 Ep8: Faye Tozer

and her negligent negligee

BONUS EP: Lady Glenconner

and her Coronation treat

BONUS EP: Alison Balsom

and her shed talks

S9 Ep2: Levison Wood

and his sword fright

S9 Ep4: Donna Ashworth

and her bungled bags

S9 Ep6: Paul Feig

and his dastardly double

S9 Ep8: Mary Greenwell

and her hard-boiled breakfast